Hi there! I’m Roberta Soru, also known by Fotographicart. I’m an art director from Italy, working internationally and currently based in Rome.


    • Branding
    • Logo Design
    • Illustration
    • Web Design
    • UI Design
    • Photography

Some might think that I’m a sort of multitasking mythological creature without a face, living perpetually behind a screen or with my head down towards my smartphone. In the same moment I come up with a new idea, I’ve already brought to life 100 of them.
I started out as a graphic designer, for then discovering illustration, and finally meeting the web, which soon became my area of expertise.

My path started in Milan at Susanna Vallebona’s studio: straight after this I was called to Moscow to be in charge of communications at Газировка №1 and at the very well known Ресторан Лодка. Then it came the time to make some experience overseas with my first position as art director in NYC, for Ripar Cosmetics. I eventually moved back to Rome, where I now live and work.

Amongst the many, I’ve worked for: Coniglio Editore, Carpisa, Yamamay, Milly Carlucci, Regione Toscana, Triumph Group International, Euronovate SA.

They say about me that I’m a little Kalì, ready to turn anything I see into tags and pixels.

Awards and recognition
Site of the dayMSM2021
Honorable mentionpackaging of the world2019
Finalist 2nd placestart cup2017

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